How to add a class to parent menu if it has submenus

Sometime you may want to add a class to parent menu if it has sub menus, now you can do it easy with following steps: For example: (Add has_submenu class to parent)

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Add a custom class to wordpress menu item

I have once met a project requires each menu displays a different color so we have to add to the menu that different classes. At first I did not know how, learn after a while I figured out how to add a menu to a different class in a simple way. Here I would like [...]

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Customize wordpress without plugin

How to custom wordpress login screen or how to remove text in admin footer,… are some question which people using wordpress platform always ask. Today, many plugin can do it easy. But sometime you don’t want using plugin. This post show you how to custom wordpress without plugin. How to custom login logo? Goto your [...]

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Plugin lấy tin tự động từ dothi.net 2013 dành cho các trang nội thất

Ở Việt Nam mình tin chắc rằng việc copy các bài từ trang này sang trang khác xảy ra hàng ngày, thậm chí cả những trang báo lớn cũng copy của nhau. Tuy nhiên có một điều là phải tôn trọng công sức của người viết bài bằng cách ghi rõ nguồn của họ. Trang [...]

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Styling <ul> as <select> using css and jquery

Sometime you want to display list menu <ul> as <select>. This tutorial i’ll build a simple select box from list menu using css and jquery.

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Widget display parent category and subcategory and post in these categories.

This widget can show category and subcategory and post in these categories. Features: * Show the parent category and subcategory * Show posts in these categories like vnexpress.net * You can limit post to show * You can show or hide subcategory == Screenshot == == Installation == 1. Download the plugin. 2. Upload it [...]

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WordPress jquery popup plugin

Create a  stunning and great window popup from the scratch using jQuery. Featured: Can display popup on home page only, pages only, single only Can set Cookie to controll popup display once per day or always display Can set width or height of popup Can custom URL of popup Author of Popup Fullname: Nguyen Duc [...]

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WordPress widget Jcarousel Post Slider plugin

Jcarousel Post Slider] can display a list of posts as horizontal slider or vertical slider using jcarousel jquery plugin. Some features of this plugin: *   Can limit number of post to display *   Can select categories that you want to display post from it *   Can orders post by date, title, number of comment, random [...]

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Plugin Float Left Right Advertising 2.0

Float Left Right Advertising is a WordPress plugin can help you put two banners on left and right of your website. It can scroll up/down when user scroll page up/down or you can set it fixed at one position while user scroll page up/down. This is commercial version i create for user so it have [...]

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Ads in bottom right plugin

This plugin allow you show advertising in bottom right, you can put images, flash or any html code which you want. If you have any comment, please give it on this article. Screenshot:           Download here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ads-in-bottom-right/

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